School presentations

“Annabelle provided a presentation to interested year 11 students in March 2018. The students were really engaged with Annabelle’s presentation. They were quite prepared to stay on after the bell (for lunch!) had rung is further proof of that. I was hugely impressed in every respect, not only for all Annabelle has achieved but also the ease and confidence of her presentation. Standing in front of the lectern and not using the microphone made it all so much more intimate and personal and it looked so easy (which we all know it isn’t!).”
– Teacher, Ascham School 2018

Application support 

What Annabelle achieved in one day would have taken us as parents months to do. I can highly recommend Annabelle to assist Gap students and those young people looking to refine their resume and interview techniques in the search for future employment.

— Angela, Parent of student applying  for 2019 Gap role

The whole process becomes not only fun and exciting for the student, it is also very empowering. Our son was extremely happy and quite proud of himself once his experience and achievements were all down on paper.

— Michael, Parent of student applying  for 2019 Gap role

We have already recommended this service to several people, who like us, had no idea how to even start the Gap application process. We found Annabelle to be highly organised and extremely helpful.

— Beth, Parent of student applying for 2019 Gap role

“Annabelle was incredibly thorough and patient. She worked with our daughter to identify strengths and positives to be highlighted in any future application. We were delighted to recommend Annabelle to friends of our daughter who subsequently engaged Annabelle with similar success.” 

— David, Parent of student applying for 2019 Gap role

Feedback from UK Gap schools relating to a client’s 2020 gap year application Annabelle assisted with: 

Dear Josephine, Many thanks for your CV – it was one of the best that I have seen of late.” – Wetherby Prep School 

Dear Josephine, I have met with the interview panel this morning and they were so impressed by your interview that they have asked me to make you an immediate formal offer of employment for one of our Gap roles. ” – Pinewood School 

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